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COVID-19 Alert


To our valued customers: 

Around the world, we are adjusting to a new reality in every part of our lives because of the COVID-19 pandemic, also known as the novel coronavirus, and is on everyone’s mind right now. As a business, and as individuals, we extend our sympathy to all that are impacted. We also offer our gratitude to those workers and organizations that are on the front lines battling this unprecedented event. 

As the Coronavirus and its impact continues to evolve and develop, we at HSSL Systems Integrator have taken steps to keep our families healthy and keep our business up and running. We are following guidance from local health officials, the CDC, and the WHO to stop the spread of the virus, including requiring that all employees able to do so work from home. Our entire team is leveraging collaboration and communication tools to provide you, our customers, with uninterrupted, dependable solutions and service support.  

Our technologies partner threat research team discovered cybercriminals taking advantage of the news cycle, including using logos from trusted sources like the World Health Organization in phishing emails and hiding malware in COVID-19 online trackers. Your employees, especially your remote workforce, and clients are at risk.

It’s up to you to help them stay safe, both online and offline.

The best defense is prevention. To prevent, you have to provide education and plan ahead.

If your organization has employees work remotely to help contain the virus, their laptops and personal devices will be outside of your corporate networks – which increases the surface of attacks. Ensuring the security of their devices and company data creates challenges for you and your team.

Cybercriminals are always on the lookout for news that they can use as lures in attacks to improve their infection rates. With the Coronavirus/COVID-19 global pandemic happening, we’ve started to see phishing and ransomware actors use this topic in their attacks.

We are offering FREE enterprise-grade security to all healthcare organizations for up to 12 months. WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER

The last thing healthcare organizations need right now is to worry about falling victims to the ruthless, opportunistic attacks revolving around this crisis.

We are committed to help all healthcare providers around the world by offering enterprise-grade security free of charge, for up to 12 months, to all healthcare organizations. Worldwide.


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