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McAfee SaaS Web Protection offers exceptional web security through a reliable, flexible Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) deployment model. It’s an effective way to keep your company connected while taking charge of online security. With no on-premises hardware to purchase or install, SaaS Web Protection is easy to implement. Simply redirect your web traffic to our load-balanced data centers, where it is scanned with our state-of-the-art security technologies to provide comprehensive protection.

Near-zero latency, industry-leading uptime, global availability, and enterprise-class scalability ensure the performance and reliability you need to secure even the most distributed environments. If you already have on-premises web filtering, our service seamlessly adds additional layers of protection, including the highest-rated anti-malware engine, and secures branch offices and mobile users.

Complete inbound and outbound protection — Traffic that contains malware or violates your Internet-use policies is blocked before it can enter your network. Inbound traffic is analyzed to provide immediate protection against zero-day malware and other exploits.

Security for web applications — McAfee SaaS Web Protection uses multiple, layered sophisticated technologies to analyze the nature, intent, and behavior of a web page’s active content. This deep analysis proactively protects against unknown malware, blended threats, phishing sites, and targeted attacks.

Enhanced security powered by McAfee Global Threat Intelligence (McAfee GTI) — McAfee GTI is a comprehensive cloud-based threat intelligence service. Already integrated into McAfee security products, it works in real time, 24 hours a day, to protect customers against cyber threats across all vectors — file, web, message, and network. McAfee GTI offers the broadest threat data, most robust data correlation, and most complete product integration in the industry. It allows enabled products to evaluate threats on multiple vectors in real time, leading to faster identification of threats and higher capture rates. McAfee SaaS Web Protection also uses the McAfee GTI web categorization services to identify sites hosting undesirable content (such as pornography or gaming).

Unmatched web filtering — With 100 categories to choose from, our web filtering provides flexibility along with accuracy and security. Pair our categories with your unique user communities to set policies against offensive, undesired, and unproductive web use.