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h.Cloud Digital Services

  HSSL Technologies Licensing Re/New & Cloud Services

Our cloud digital services will help you to manage, differentiate and scale your cloud business requirements. Our offerings includes all the leading hyperscale providers, as well as public and private IaaS, PaaS, SaaS and cloud software offerings.


Our cloud digital services provides end-to-end cloud lifecycle management with features like automated provisioning, comprehensive billing integration, reporting and predictive analytics.


HSSL Technologies is a specialized organization that drives operational excellence and proactive solution-selling. We provide expert end-to-end licensing and cloud support of 100+ vendors. Our exclusive, dedicated model offers vendor-specific licensing desks and management of all aspects of the licensing lifecycle, including quote configuration, order management, and pipeline management.

Microsoft Azure Subscription
(Azure Plan) Pay per use
Per Month

Red Hat Enterprise
Linux for Power, LE with
Smart Virtualization, Standard
(1 Socket-Pair, Unlimited Guests)

Aperture SaaS security service
for All SaaS applications
1-user 1-year includes
premium support

HPE GreenLake Storage
Nimble All Flash
Model AF40, 14900
Usable GB,
16Gb FC 8 Port LC



 Windows 365 Business
1 vCPU, 2 GB, 64 GB
(Monthly per unit)


M365 Business Standard | Windows 365 Business | Dynamic 365

Secure Access Service Edge
Cloud Native Application Protection
Endpoint Security
Cloud Delivered Security Services

Network Security
Enterprise Networking & Security
Zero Trust Access
Cloud Security & Complete Protection
Secure Cloud Applications and Email

Endpoint Security Solutions - Falcon
Cloud Security Solutions - Falcon CWP,
Falcon CWP Complete
Identity Protection Solutions - Falcon X
Security & IT Operations Solutions

Cloud | Compute | Data Storage
Networking | Services | Software



  h.Cloud Digital Services | Monthly & Annually Billing Products

 New & Renewal Licensing 

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